Its afternoon and I am trying to write about sorrel. That we took the picture before we started for walk it could be valuable weed for grazers and even we can find some uses in daily life and even make medicines out of our sorrel leaves. Another school bus just passes outside the street. I think some of kids reached home and school bus left by drooping kids. Its scientific name is Oxalis stricta. Its tart and we can see it in our lawns. We can see it growing in our vegetable patch  in the soil. Its usually found in North east. Its very good for our cows and domesticated animals. Its full of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin A and fiber. Npow we are going to write benefits of sorrel.

  • Sorrel leaves can be used as herbal tea to cure cancers and deadly diseases.
  • Sorrel leave tea help to reduce cough and bronchitis in certain cases.
  • Sorrel tea helps to reduce cold and congestion.
  • Its very good for weight loss because of low in carbs.
  • Fiber present in sorrel helps to cure constipation and good for digestive system.
  • Vitamin C present in sorrel help to reduce inflammation and clean skin.
  • Minerals in sorrel leaves are Iron, Mn, phosphorus, Na, ZN, and Cu.

All these minerals are very helpful to ward off certain disease and may be cure for wounds when applied as ointment.

I think overall sorrel is very good for our grazers are could be cure for certain type of ailments if we learn and find sorrels medicinal uses. I think that’s enough for today’s blog and I think we learnt value of our native weed plant.    

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