Wild greens

Today is December 1st and we woke up and took bath and ate out vegetarian breakfast and now we are trying to drink our tea  and while sipping our tea we are looking outside the window and we see someone pass by with a little white dog walking along side walk sniffing grass and try to go for walk alone may be in the woods so he can find his best lost buddy. Suddenly he saw mini snake, he try o sniff and that baby snake and mini dog became best buddies ever. Somehow, we start liking mini things and a bad guy keep on cleaning our home. I think we are going to write about strawberry leaves benefits for body and soul. Somehow are strawberry leaves are still surviving and looks fine and our peanuts are almost finished and looking outside the window grass looks fine kind of fluffy and Maple tree keep due to seasonal change and leaves are falling on green grass and its start getting windy outside and I can see trees waving to us bye and our other neighbors trees looks very tall and good.  Seems outside world sun is shining and a mail truck passes by with a mailman outside on the road. And another black SUV passes by seems like some keep on lying to us all the time. We see some videos of rivers flowing with beautiful crystal-clear water somebody was canoeing in river outside and some, people were going to road trips, some were enjoying outdoors and our truck man from neighborhood is back. We went outside, wind was cool and nice outside, we walked on green grass feels nice and cool touched our beautiful green leaves and plants in the pot and watered some of plants, even fixed our broken light outside. We have lots of winter plants outside, some of the color of their leaves changes. Soon winter is arriving with cold breeze and American flag outside seems fine and flowing along with the wind. Boats are in rivers, touching clean water when we go on our mountain bikes and watching natural beauty of earth and its flora and fauna. Flowing rivers , cascading water, with river stones and some are big and some all small and sandy beaches along riversides with natural earth stones and different colors of  greens. Even color of the dirt and earth is different with different tones and even texture of the earth is different. When we walked on grass outside because of rainwater it felt muddy and gushy and very nice seems like healing our feet. We fixed one of our house project. Its almost afternoon and weather is turning more windy. I can see bush seems so dry but very artistic and we can even hear sound of wind touching all the tree leaves and even American flag. Maybe we can go outside and find other backyard plants for our next blog of the day. We have baby collard greens, baby kale and wild mustard.  Let’s write some of benefits of baby kale.

  • Kale is originated in Mediterranean and Asia, kale belongs to brassica family and used as food from ancient times. I think Greeks and Romans grew kale. Kale is full of antioxidants, Vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, K, folate and Ca, B6, potassium, Mn and have many health benefits. Fiber present in kale leaves very healthy for digestion, iron present help to reduce anemia, fiber present help in digestion and help to increase eyesight and even help to reduce weight.
  • We have wild mustard leaves. I think wild leaves are full of Vitamins A, B, C and Ca and Zn and iron and B6.  Mustard leaves are good for digestion  and  Ca is healthy for bones and  Vitamin C is good for skin health and B6 is good for heart health and lowering cholesterol because of lot of water because of low calories and even help to reduce anemia and  other chronic issues .
  • Another one is baby collard green leaves that we find in our back yard. They are full of chlorophyll a that is very green pigment very good for heart health and Ca is good for bone health and Vitamin C is  good for skin health, Vitamin E  is good to reduce wrinkles , Zn is also good for clean skin.

So overall these leafy plants are full of vitamins and minerals and very healthy and may cure lot of unseen wild things. Vegetarian leaves help to reduce stress and anti-oxidants helps to reduce free radicals to reduce cancer cells and diseases.  I will see you guys when we are ready to write another blog.     

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