Todays thought with rosemary

Today is Monday and its almost after noon. We try to watch some good movie but same old stupidness as usual, nothing changes for stupid people. Even if they want something different, they keep on giving us same old shit that we start hating. A car just passed by the street. Trees looks same. We took picture of our favorite tea cup an I think we should write about rosemary potato for lunch. A stack of dry leaves are on the table. Few green leaves in the heap of dry fall leaves on one side of our table and the other side cup of tea with rosemary plant. Stack of books, few organic soaps still waiting for labels, few bills needs to pay on other side. Rain started again wetting all the plants and thyme still looked dried with lemon flavor and our grape jelly looks fine. I can hear raindrops falling on windows. Weather is getting windy and cold, rain is falling at higher speed raindrops are sticking to the window falling in our front yard , seems like its rainy day with a shiver and old, I think winter is approaching faster than we thought. Our lunch is done, we feel better and resourceful munching healthy snack with someone we adore. We will able to find something when we need. Florida could be a good destination with  warm ocean breeze  and beautiful waves, crystal clear water right on the ocean with beautiful sea creatures, starfish, tuna fish and a , blue whale and a shark, group of different color fishes playing and jumping in the water and playing on music. Sun set seems so beautiful and that ocean view is fantastic. Rain fall is in evitable and day is turning darker and darker again seems like night is nearby and that stalk of old wood looks weird and one of our old big wood tree is missing, I see a school bus arriving at stop sign, hopefully kids will arrive home soon and our presentation on paper looks ok and fern tree seems fine along with  our orchid.  Its evening time and we already drink our evening cup of tea and trail mix with healthy ingredients. Its still windy outside and stormy. we are going to eat something very light and healthy and useful so after eating and practicing meditation and clean and very calm music hopefully we can able to sleep without any noises weird snoring noises in the night time., awful farts and bizarre hissing sounds and some ghostly figures with weird bizarre characters wearing awful dresses and strange anomalies that and southern and northern dancers doing gestures and weird movements . I hope we do not have to call our police guys to fix things.  Before we go to sleep, we may need glass of milk and vitamin so we can sleep stress free. Weird sound of thunder and lightning is starting. we hear our windows rumbling, I think another earthquake is coming. I think Pennsylvania may get this. I think our grandma is making dinner and she feels good. Name of the vegetable is cauliflower; it looks strange and I hope kids will like vegetable called cauliflower. I think we wrote a nice article, we took nice picture and everything seem fine today. soon its going to be sleepy time and we are going to be in sleep without snoring and bad smells.  I think we are done for today. Bye .  

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