Benefits of Dry fruits

Today is Monday and we have terrible experience last night and I slept in different room because the guy next to me was keep on scolding us and saying bad words. Seems like somebody trying to attack us again. I think its raining and cloudy outside I think little bit of wind is blowing outside. winter is approaching. Grass seems nice outside, lush green and street is very silent and raindrops are falling on green grass.  Yesterday we went outside in our backyard collecting some dry leaves for making beautiful presentation with some green leaves, taking pictures of dry flowers with dandelions and arborio leaves. one of our thyme plants is dying but we are ok. I am looking outside the window , rain is falling. I think we are going to write about benefits of dry fruits.

  • Dates are one of the most ancient fruit. Its origin was from middle east. Dates are sweet and has anti-oxidants that helps to fight diseases  like cold, flu, and very good for brain. Dates contain vitamins like vitamin B, C, vitamin K, Ca, Mg, iron and Zn. Dates have anti-inflammatory properties, carotenoids, and polyphenols. Eat dates in moderation. Dates helps in digestive health and lower cholesterol. Now are next one.
  • Raisins are originated in Greece and Italian neighbor hoods. Raisins are sun dried grapes that are very healthy for consumption. Raisins are full of vitamins like A, C, D, and antioxidants. Raisins helps to relieve constipation, digestive issues, help to build strong bones, lower the risk of heart diseases and teeth problems.
  • Pecans are originated in America native to hickory plant and some other countries. Pecans have lots of vitamins and some protein helps to cure anemia, and fiber, Cu, Mg, Phosphorus, Iron , vitamin B1. Fiber is good for digestion, iron helps to cure anemia. other vitamins help to reduce stress and cure lots of ailments like cold and cough and gives energy to workout and maintains god health.  

Overall Raisins, pecans and dates are good for health when eat in moderation to maintain good health. I think our blog for today is done and I think later we are going to write another blog for other healthy snack. Bye for now.

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