Thought of the day

Today is Sunday and its almost late afternoon and son is shining and grass looks fine our bonsai tree looks fine. We see big shadow on our grass outside. I think its shadow of a house because direction of the sun is different. Our mini bamboo trees looks squiggly but ok. Our fall pictures seems fine the way its supposed to be. Some fall leaves on our dining table seems like they are going to good for our blog presentation for fall. Actually in fall color of the trees turns yellow or brown color when they fall because of low or sometimes high winds and seasonal changes. I hope we will work to save our trees and flora and fauna. After fall winter is going to come and then another snowstorm will approach and are streets are going to freeze and our pine trees with fragrant pine cones seems fine and out little cuty baby squirrel can hide in her baby blanket and eat some pine seeds that are going to be healthy. fragrance of our rosemary plant is fine. We are practicing vegetarianism because it calms and we feel less stress and we feel like working and getting up and making something and writing about something exciting and environment friendly. A car just passed our street speeding, I think we should tell that guy to slow down when he pass by. Our street seems calmer day by day. Night is turning darker. We already ate our night snack and we feal full and not hungry anymore. Our cup of tea seems ok. The only thing we saw out side is few lights of our neighbors that keep on looking to the street that’s probably ending in a dark space with no one , soon we are going to sleep and hopefully able to wake up tomorrow. our mini trees hairdo looks strange and seems still awful. Color of our chair looks brown and I think I am going upstairs to read another book or watch something that will make us smarter. I think that is enough for today, bye for now.

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