Evening thought

I think its Saturday evening and we just want to write our evening blog. When I look outside the window, I see a dark shadow, a man having truck going across the street, stopped near Nevers park. I see three people staring at us. weird and awful all the time looks really progressive and contemporary and I think our picture taking day was awesome  but we can make picture taking a profession and I think street are started to turn darker and darker again . you cannot even see a hand  and the only things we see our neighbors lights , some decorations with fall brown leaves and wild herbs and few dandelions and I keep on staring at peanut jar with a touch of sea salt and suddenly in a silent night we heard our neighbors door slammed and car just went somewhere without telling us seems strange. Night is turning darker and darker and we are surprised to see fascinating hairdos and accessories and books on my table and a gray gardening pot with Rosemary  and small thyme with unique flavor and our night vision and awesome   find of another glow in the dark  and  vision about fantastic future together when we are, if we are able to play any game ever. I think its time to eat something that is appetizing and soon we will able to read another story and try to fell sleep.

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