native herbs

Today is Saturday and as usual we woke up and then made our own vegetarian breakfast and morning tea. It’s almost afternoon. sipping the tea while writing gave us very unique and pleasurable experience. Weather turns hazy and cloudy; neighborhood looks fine and much cleaner than before. I think It could be one of our massive super storm is coming, I hope our asteroid belt is fine on proper orbital and pathway. I think I am going to go out and find another herb that has medicinal value and help to find native plants and their medicinal use in case we are out of medicine. I think we took pictures of some of them and they look very beautiful, they fell on grass because of seasonal change but we are going to find their uses and study on them. We ate a native plant called asparagus was delicious and I think we can relieved by the fact that we are respecting our native herbs and vegetables. We took some valuable pictures and I think we should try some peanuts full of protein and healthy. some of our native plants outside looks fine and weather is cloudy and our clouds color are grey and mini bamboo picture came ok and a truck passed by a street outside. When we go further on our road we have Nevers park alongside our street , sometimes we watch them playing in the park while our natives work on their medicinal plants they find and their great value in everyday life, some of them could be edible and have great nutritional value, like dandelion tea, chicory, phylum plant, wild baby carrot plant, wild baby spinach, mint sage, thyme, basil and other plants. We can even find sometimes wild baby mustard plant. I hope we can find some medicinal use of pear leaves and apple leaves and even our grape leaves. I think we wrote a nice article and a nice thought about our native medicinal plants. These native plants can be used to cure digestive problems, good source of fibers and cures headaches, relieves stress, purify body, helps to detoxify liver and improves digestive function and improves brain function and could be very helpful. I think we wrote enough for today and we are going to read a nice book and try to be calm. Making sure before sleep we meditate, do some yoga practice and listen to nice music that can help to go to sleep and improve our ability to work when we get up. ok buy for now and I will work on another nice blog tomorrow.

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