Morning analysis

Today is Saturday and we came down in the kitchen and try to eat the vegetarian bred and because its healthy and nutritious. We are trying our best to eat and drink morning cup of tea and never fail and I think we  have enough anti-oxidants to help and thrive. Neighborhood seems calm and strategic. DNA analysis of sub species is going amazing and I think we are going to find a cure of every disease on this planet and try to make it and as per fact as we can for enjoying and dedicate this to our best student with surprising ability to compensate and analyze botanical DNAs as our next botany practical. That means we have to take care of our plants and herbs  where we are so we can analyze their flavor , taste, quality  so we can make enough to pay our bills and do daily chores for our nice new home , wash our clothes, clean our toilets, buy toilet paper and other cleaning supplies to disinfect bad germs and strategically define them, categorize and name them according to their scientific names , genus and genetically engineered species for higher analyses. I think son is shining and  day seems little better and I think I am going to go out in little while and go for walk and see what happened in our backyard and how is our outside  vegetation thriving or dying. We will make shore we will drink enough water and  feels calm and less excited and sipping our left over tea and suddenly I think A dark and mini cloud  came and  I hope our outside fountains still works and our lightening  and our oceans are thriving  without any pollutants system is good and I hope we are ok and I think our windows needs some cleaning and we are feeling awesome. Our baby bamboos are still squiggly and well-watered  and our soaps seems fine and some of our neighbors tree leaves are gone and day is turning shadowy and  little wildly and habitat outside seems ok. I think I am done for today and I will feel better when I reach home.

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