Todays evening thought

Today is Friday and its almost evening and we went outside to buy groceries, and like as usual everybody has to wear face masks and I think we got another case of covid in  our high school at south Windsor on the way home we stopped at pharmacy and bought something and  I think we are ok for today and we are trying to reach our goal for today . when we went out it was little less dark and their was lot of traffic today and when we reached home evening was turning darker and darker and the way to reach home was little wobbly and squiggly and  seems not so far away and now feels like we are going somewhere land of nowhere and I think  we are going to read another book and I think  it will make us sleep better and I think night turns darker and darker and  we will always open the window in the night because if somebody try to do something  than we have police petrol outside so nobody attack us again ever in the night abnd time and we are going to order our night vision cameras so we can find our awful wrong odours and stinks so we can make homemade and better quality for our customer service and retail. I think we are going to do ok once we figure out how to print labels for our organic business. I think we still have our dark chocolate hiding some where and we still have some of our stale food from tomorrow and I think we are going to be fine and awesome as usual and we even able to find our kitchen sink cookies and seems all the ingredients are fine and I do not no why we are scared of our grandma all the time, grandma seems fine today , talking so much and if  it  hurts talk to your doctor and take right medicine and  we are going to go  sleep in little while before we do our meditation practice and calm our selves with may be some  nice sleeping sounds and nice calm music  so it has more calming  effect on body and mind and we feel more reliable on our awesome resources that nature provides us with natural organic products and we even can make good product reusing our recycled products and using . I think we should progress and invent some natural products from our unnatural heritage. Like we think earth was flat because we never went to space at that time when we star collaborating with our space aliens and other another  world species went far far away in the space and took pictures of our planet then we were so surprised to see actually our earth was round and we were mesmerized by the fact how our oceans and all of us walking ion the earth does not fly away except few birds and water does not even fell from the round edges of the earth it was exceptional y good quality work that its very mind boggling and seems so so smart  with exceptional quality  even after millions of years we are still mesmerized by these facts and try to understand all these  natural and space facts with our earthly capabilities. I think we are tired enough for today and hope fully sleep well. So long until next time. I hope we will be fully refreshed tomorrow morning. When we woke up. Thank you for all of guys cooperating  with helping hands .

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