Thought of the day

Today is Wednesday and as usual we woke up late and looked outside the window, weather is cloudy  we saw mail truck outside on street and it passes by delivering the mail to the neighbor for now  something passes by. Everything seems calmer write now. Our Rosemary plant seems calm our natural mineral stones seems emitting positive energy and our mini bonsai plant on our working table seems good and having beautiful green leaves and I think our thyme needs some help, need more water for our indoor plants so they can survive winter months. Soon most of our outdoor plants going to sleep for winter months most of creatures are going to hide our hibernate for winter month and all the insect lives will disappear because of cold winter months. Our vegetable patch is almost gone because of coming cold winter months and the vibrational level of our stones seems good and balanced and in our imaginative beautiful water fountain and beautiful streams with flowing water have soothing and calming effect on body. Water fountain in our front Zen garden is beautifully working. our small trees seem fine and winter can be challenging  so we make sure I keep my self-busy by reading books writing and doing some activities sipping my mid afternoon tea  and  taking another  picture  for nice writing and try to take picture of organic soaps  for business in USA and  I hope we will able to make more organic soaps for our Eco-earth business venture. I think celery is good for mid afternoon snack because of its healthy and fibrous nature. I think making celery salad is good for health and very delicious. Living near the beach  and feeling ocean warm breeze, going in the ocean waves and looking at beauty of our oceans and walking on white sand beaches playing with seaweed and looking at the ,beach and collecting sea shells and watching  group of small fishes in the clear ocean water. Playing with the group of fishes and finding and orchids near beaches and starfish and other ocean life even in far reaching of darkness where sunshine did not go some of the ocean life is glittering like lights emitting from their bodies and thriving in dark ocean depths along with others. Its night time and I think we are going to sleep in a while and may be read another science  fiction book, I hope  the story we read today will make us feel better and we can sleep peacefully tonight and hope fully we get nice dreams about our future venture together. I think we are going to study something and may be going to watch a movie with our friends on weekend. I think we are going to watch science fiction movie and even going to read science fiction book. I think our night vision will bring some valuable information about ocean life in Atlantic and Pacific ocean and our Island trip would bring us  nice fortune and study material to study and exploration of our oceanic species and I think our ocean levels should rise little because our rivers and our wells needs more water for cleaning environment and rivers so our planet would flourish and be cleaned with natural forces of nature and hopefully we feel way cleaner and we can use our landfills for making manure so our planet feels way cleaner then before.         

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