Herbs and their nutritional benefits

Today is Monday and we went outside because we feel like. weather is turning cold and evening is approaching. I think we are going to write another blog today o the mixed herbs. Thyme, fennel, baby spinach and pea shoots. I found some of fresh ingredients from my green house and these herbs seems fine because of weather change inside herbs are drying a little.  I think our cup of herbs are doing ok. Now I am going to write about benefits of fennel first.

Fennel is Foeniculum vulgare belongs to carrot family. It is perennial herb and grown for its aromatic seeds, shoots and leaves belongs to kingdom plantae. It has good nutritional value contains vitamin A, calcium, vitamin D, Vitamin C, Mg, iron, and Vitamin-6.

Fennel is good for digestion and very good effect on liver because of its cooling effect. Drinking fennel water cures diarrhea, constipation and even increases eyesight and very good for milk production when taken as medicine everyday before sleeping or after meals. Fennel is very good to reduce headaches and stress because of its calming nature. Fennel is used in salads and as a herb during cooking and garnish. It makes food more aromatic and delicious to eat and kind of licorice flavor. I think overall fennel is good herb to use and good for health.

2nd herb we are going to write about is thyme and its used in European, American and Italian cooking.  It s scientific name is Thymus vulgaris belongs to family Lamiaceae. It belongs has slight lemony flavor and good for  Vitamin A, vitamin c, calcium, Vitamin B-6, D, Iron, Mg and contains Thymol extract  that has antiseptic properties and has antiseptic and anti- fungal effect on human other essential extracts contains lutein, naringenin. Thyme helps to develop against infectious diseases and help to reduce inflammation, It helps to heal oral cavity cancer and healthy for maintaining healthy skin tone and good for balancing stress levels and helpful for neurotransmitters.  So overall its helpful for overall health and nutrition and good. We can use thyme as a herb in cooking because of its very lemony and very mild flavor.  Overall, it’s a herb that is good for nutrition and health.

Pea shoots are very healthy and used in salad in America and Europe. Its source of digestive fiber, calcium and iron and Vitamin A, and C, Calcium its edible and its healthy. Pea shoots have detoxifying effect for cleansing the body, Pea shoots contains antioxidants, folate and beta-carotene. pea micro greens fight against diseases, cancer and have plant protein that is very good for vegetarian and vegan diets. Antioxidants present helps to improve immunity and good for disease prevention.

I think next salad ingredient is baby spinach. It is annual and grown in cold places and can be very healthy because of presence of vitamin c, Vitamin A, fiber, and folate. Vitamin A present in baby spinach helps to improve eyesight, iron and folate present in spinach helps to detoxify body and cleansing the system. Vitamin C helps to clean skin and Folate is good for muscles.    Baby spinach has good nutritional value. I think I am done for today’s blog and I think its good for now and I will find another ingredients that good and healthy.      

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