Today is Saturday. Outside looks fine and seems cold and we ate our vegetarian sandwich, and I made my delicious black tea and I feel satisfied and I think I am going to write about another blog about pecans and try to find its history. Pecans are first known by Europeans and then America and Spain and Mexico. They are native to Mexico. Its scientific name is Carya illinoinensis. Pecans are very healthy and full of protein, fiber and calcium, Magnesium, Potassium. Fiber and vitamin E and Zn. Now we are going to write benefits of Pecans and their health benefits.

  • Pecans contains tocopherols and other phenolic compounds that are very good for health.
  • Vitamin E present in Pecans helps to reduce cholesterol because of phenolic compounds.
  • Vitamin A present in pecans helps to increase eyesight.
  • Vitamin B6 present helps in elasticity of muscles.
  • Vitamin C present helps in absorption of calcium in the body and help in bone strength.
  • Fiber present in pecans help in digestive system.
  • Magnesium present in pecans help in heart health.
  • Zn helps to clear skin and skin blemishes.
  • I think I write todays article and it seems that we have done enough for today and we are done for today. we are going to write about pecan and cranberry snack in between the meals when somebody is hungry.
  • 1 bowl of pecans.
  • 1 bowl of cranberries.

Mix them together and serve it and eat it for snack. I hope you guys feel happy. I will try to write another blog tomorrow.  

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