Green Matcha chai

Today is Monday. And we came down in the kitchen and made our breakfast and then made our tea and drank it then we worked to fix our computer and decided to drink tea and eat our breakfast with it. I think weather is very cloudy today and all the things going awesome and we decided to write our blog on our green tea, and we found that our green tea has lots of health benefits. Green tea plants scientific name is Camellia sinensis and its leaves and buds are used to make oolong and Green tea. Green Tea was originated in China and countries in East Asia and then spreads worldwide. There are several kinds of Green tea. Its origin is around 2737 B C. health benefits of green tea.

  • Polyphenols present in Green tea is made of unfermented tea leaves and has potent concentration of polyphenols  to fight free radicals that cause aging and heart disease and cancer.
  • Sipping tea is very helpful for healthier teeth and prevention of tartar and very helpful in bone health.
  • Tea is very helpful to improve mental alertness and memory and mental alertness and is an analgesic.
  • Tea contains aspalathin and nothofagin and enzymes that are very helpful in boosting cardiovascular health.
  • Tea is very helpful in elevating mood and decrease depression and insomania.
  • Tea can be very helpful in lower LDL level to improve glucose tolerance.

I think our Article on Tea is very useful and seems awesome and I hope you guys will like our article about green tea. We will try to write another article tomorrow on something else.

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