Today is Wednesday and after watching a deadly horror movie and hurting ourselves whole night when we got up in the morning sun was shining bright and after taking bath I came in the kitchen and ate my breakfast and made a cup of tea and try to work on my next blog on American California almonds and seems awesomely weird and very healthy. I am looking outside the window and Our neighbor seems out of control try to hurt someone again with its truck. He seems like following someone wherever he goes and seems scary especially in the nighttime. I think harcharan  bedi from west Hartford is hurting seva every day, looks like he is molesting her, afterlife hell will fall on harcharans family, we will make sure we should arrest that guy and will punish him to save his kids from the hell they are living. His color is dark and brown, where’s turban and a fugitive. I think he is molester and bad guy and hurting lot of kids and people and killing them and selling their body parts in the meat section in Aldi and doing black magic on the kids spirits after death. What a horrible and horrific experience. We should not tolerate these kinds of people in our communities because they did not belong with us. Who could do that to someone’s family and friends, but if the friend is molester and killer then? We need an answer. I think the house we came yesterday night in 215 Maskell road is haunted and someone opened a doorway for bad person that what we experienced yesterday and saw with our own eyes what happened to that bad guy and his criminal.


Blog for dedication to Ladi,

As a parent we have advice not to show criminal and bad stuff to your kids and stop molesting them and showing them wrong movies and scary things that could be fatal for their psyche and life, tell them pay attention to their studies and stop sending them to wrong homes because your kid just failed two of his math exams. wrong homes means they are not becoming what they are supposed to be. may be they can be our future doctors that helps to treat deadly viruses and bacteria’s that can be fatal for human kind. eating meat do not make them smarter. lots of vegetarian people are way more smarter then meat eaters and can be valuable for our communities and neighbor hoods. helping others from apoclyptic things and in appropriate behavior can not be tolerated and will be punished according to the law and order of the land. As American citizen we have responsibilty to make our values higher , stop hurting us and stop acting like you are an alien from different planet that does not even exist any more. I think we will work on our stratigies to improve our behavior with fellow citizens by not hurting them.


Its afternoon and we are working on next blog of the day and nice breeze start blowing and I saw a falcon outside flying and putting something in my afternoon tea and a school bus just arrived and that crawling misrable lifeform went back where it comes from. our front yard is still dry and looks misrable and i think now they are being treated wisely but browns in appropriate behavior is still their. I hope they learn a lesson what we showed them yesterday even its wrong to show to the kids. one of the weird experience we have with sikh religion is that every body keep on pretending they are their gurus and we figured out none of them were because they turned in to bad people and do bad stuff to their kids and their kids try to do wrong and inappropriate behavior that is not even human that how we know they are not what they are pretending. What our history and our culture told something else and that means they are living some one elses lives that are not even theirs. then one of their priest in hazoor sahib called him surinder singh and keep on coming in 215 maskel road and try to do sexual intercourse with the spirits of their dead parents and ladies that harcharan bedi helps to kill and then he keep of pretending he is surinder and keep on feeding dead meat and sexual content to his kids and families. we saw a white persons spirit went to Hazoor sahib and seemed very heart if they are real Sikhs why cannot then helped the people who are heart by their grand parents their mother in-law and their so called sikh priests. when we try to learn about them they said Sikhs were kind, helpful and merciful but turn our to be worst in real life . so conclusion is that they are not Sikhs at all or Sikhs are not seams to be what they wrote historically because all their families have bad sexual with their cousins and even with their kids even after death. does not make any sense at all. I think they are falling in the ditches that they try to create for other people without analyzing their behavior patrens.


Its thursday october 15 and we just woke up and eat our cereal and then we decided to write our blog. looks like nice day outside . Its little bit cold and warm sunny day. Today I went to see kids bathroom and I was horrified by the sight of it some how we able to clean it up and but the sight was horrific their bathroom look awful and so frequent dirty. now another example of awful Indians pretend to be born in America and Canada but did not even teach their kids how to clean up. Very shameful behavior . And their Hired Dog was horrific try to hide their bad habits and clumsy behavior. I am ashamed of my family and their bad attitude and they keep on hiding even their sick kids by not treating them with appropriate Medicare by listening to their awful dog. I think some of them are still from Hazoor sahib , awful people with horrific past and we are worried about their future, we are trying to help only if they tell us and share what are they going through. why do not they like clean things, is it some kind of phobia or weirdness to improve. we all including our kids needs to improve to get better quality of life and good heritage only if they are being good and clean and nice to each other and their family members.

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