Organic mint

Today is Friday and its afternoon time and we ate our breakfast in the morning and made our cup of cinnamon and cardamom and fennel tea that is very delicious and healthy and good for your stomach. We are looking outside the window and weather seems fine today and seems my maple tree is well and its little windy and beautiful and our son is shining bright and awesome. I think we need to replace our backyard shed because its blown away by storm yesterday night and Manpreet fell because of that and bhanji in trouble as usual. Our birch tree shedding its leaves constantly and our neighbors yard look awesome today and I think I have to go to see my backyard and water it so  every thing go well with next apocalyptic we are writing about. Our baby bamboos are twisty and playing well in beautiful weather and clean air we are thriving on our planetary system. I think Narayan want to go to live different planetary system.  Now I am going to write about mint Mint is a perennial herb that is grown worldwide from mid evil Greece to Europe and Asia and even in America and Canada. It has very unique Flavor and used almost every where due to its aroma and flavor and medicinal value. Its scientific name is Mentha spicata and it belongs to family Lamiaceae and belongs to kingdom Plantae. It contains compounds like menthol, carvone, Menthone, Carvel, Beta pinene. IT contains Vitamin A, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin B and folate and even vitamin D. some polyphenols and antioxidants. I am going to write their health benefits as follows.

  • Antioxidants present in mint are very helpful to take control of free radicals that are very harmful for humans.
  • Poly phenols present in are very helpful in curb diseases. they have shown activity and proven to be scientifically analyzed according to our recommendations.
  • Vitamin D is very helpful for bone help.
  • From ancient times mint is used in digestive issues to improve digestion.
  • mint is very good for nausea and vomiting.
  • Mint is very helpful to ward off harmful microbes.
  • Peppermint essential oil is very helpful in relieving headaches.
  • mint is very soothing and has anti-inflammatory effect on body.
  • Mint cools down the stomach acidity problem.
  • Use of menthol is recommended in relieving cold symptoms. When menthol vapor rub is applied on chest to relieve chest congestion.
  • Menthol essential oil is used to provide relief to colic.
  • Menthol essential oil is used in toothpaste, mouth fresheners, and mouth washes.
  • Mint could be antiseptic when used in herbal creams.
  • Mint essential oil assist in losing weight and stimulate digestive enzyme to absorb nutrients.
  • Mint has naturally bug repellent properties.
  • It helps to cure scars because of its antiseptic properties.

I think we cooked our dinner and now working on our ending of the article. Before we go, we will write a recipe of mint flavor chutney. Recipe is as follows.

  • 1 cup of mint leaves with sprigs.
  • 1 tomato.
  • Pinch of salt.
  • I cup of olive oil.
  • 1 jalapeno pepper.

Put them all into blender and crush it until it turns in to chutney. And then eat it with rice, eggplant rasam and dinasore shaped keralas. Ultimate dinner make shore we eat left over roti that bhanji made yesterday with amla and the veggies we made. I think we wrote really nice article, and we will be successful doing this joint venture. Thank you for listening and observing what we teach you and make sure take meat slices out of frig.

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