Organic Guava

Today is Saturday. As usual we woke up in the morning and then after taking bath we came down we ate our breakfast and made a cup of tea and we and after eating our breakfast and drinking we went outside to see how are plants are doing and then after a short walk to our ago plant we sat outside and enjoyed our weather and talked and then decided to go out to buy some stuff for home that we need and very necessary for survival in winter months  and then we ate our lunch and another cup of tea while we are working on our next blog on how we can clean our surroundings and dispose of garbage in garbage bins and another thing we are working how to make organic manure from left over organic materials and  instead of wasting them to make manure for growing our plants bigger and for better future we can go to any extent to get rid of toxins from our food and Textiles we are working on. Its afternoon now and weather is little warm and getting cozy and seems are little clouds are on his way. Maybe it will rain and lets see how it turns out to be.  Little sunshine is always better and walking in the woods recommended to study flora and fauna and surrounding ecosystem. Hope fully things will turn out right for everyone with blessings of our loved ones and well-wishers. I think I should rest for while and then work on next part of my blog.

Guava is a tropical fruit that is cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. Guava is native to Mexico and central America then Caribbean and south America.  Scientific name of Guava is Psidium guajava belongs to Myrtaceae family and ki essential oils and rich in kingdom plantae. Guava contains essential oils and cineol, Triterpenes, tanins, eugenol and kaempferol and other compounds such as flavonoids chlorophyll. Following are some of the health benefits of Guava.

  • Guava is richest source of dietary fiber that is very helpful in digestion. And relieving constipation.
  • Antioxidants present in Guava helps to boost immunity of the body to fight against deadly virus.
  • Guava helps to regulate metabolism which leads to weight loss because helps to lower the triglyceride level.
  • Flavonoids present in Guava has anticancer effect to fight against bacterial infections.
  • Vitamin C present in Guava helps to clear skin and helps to improve immunity that protects you against common infections.
  • Vitamin A present in Guava helps to improve Eyesight.
  • Guavas are super rich in Calcium that is very healthy for bone health.
  • Due to low glycemic content guavas helps to improve Diabetes.
  • Folic acid and Vitamin B9 help to improve nervous system of the baby during pregnancy and it protect neurological disorders.
  • Vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and niacin and pyridoxine that helps to improve cognitive function.
  • Guava leaves helps to improve colds and viral infections and even relieve cough and disinfects respiratory tract.
  • Antioxidants like that is helps carotene and lycopene because it is anti-aging.
  • Vitamin K present in helps to get rid of skin discoloration.

 I think I wrote enough for today and its almost evening time and we are done with are article on Guava and I am going to write a guava fruit

Salad with pinch of lemon and little bit of iodized salt. Recipe is as follows

  • 1 cup of cut guava.
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • Pinch of salt.

Mix all the ingredients together and eat them.

 They are healthy and nutritious. See you guys tomorrow when I write my next blog.

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