Organic collard greens

Today is Friday and I came down stairs after taking bath and then I decided to came down and washed the dishes and clean the kitchen and then made my breakfast and eat it and drank a cup of Irish tea by sipping it slowly and it was fantastic and we decided to write our blog of the day. I looked outside my window the weather looked so cloudy and gloomy today. It seems like its going to rain and we need to play in the rain it seems so awesome and so good. I have a past memory when we were young we jumped from rooftops in our villages in pursue to become invincible and try to swim in the rivers because when the summers were too hot and then lighting came we loved it and then thundershower came and we went outside first to play in our backyards and then decided to go in the streets and walking and playing in flowing rivers and rain water that seems and feels so good. Sometimes it rains so much that we need to drink fresh water from our streams and waterfalls we try to create in our front and backyards, so we feel better before winter arrives. Seems like evening is approaching and skies are becoming darker and darker and oh I just remembered we are in month of October and days are going to become shorter and nights are going to become longer so we can sleep more and because of covid alerts all the time we always try to work from home even our school work and office work. Because we studied did national social service in our villagers to help our poor’s and needy who need our help all the time no matter what we do.  I think we should donate some pasta and tomato sauce cans to our food pantry for needy and hungry. I think we  are hearing voices of vehicles outside on the road and it seems like its army tank then we saw a row of them we decided to say good bye to our army brothers and sisters  because we are so proud of them for so much dedication and sacrifice they do to preserve and conserve our ecosystem and surroundings. Sometimes we are waiting for our shipments to arrive on time while we are waiting for our food and clothes for coming winter months. Make sure we have enough supply of clean water for our troopers. I think our thought are changing a little bit and going towards are backyard and some veggies we use to grow in our backyard. Then Another memory about summary days on our roof tops counting our guavas and try to hit on our squirrels because they are eating to much fruit that our grandma try to make preserve for us for coming winter months then we reached our ecosystem experts to make safe habitat for our animal friends roaming in the wild without shelter like planting more trees to conserve our ancient and even new growing siblings and make sure we make proper environment and habitat for them so they feel comfortable and well fed.

I think now I am going to write about a very valuable vegetable called collard greens. They are very nutritious and very healthy. Now we are going to find where were they first grown and then their scientific name compounds and their health benefits.  Collard greens are first grown in Mediterranean and then in African countries and then in west Virginia that was a American town and they loved its taste and become essential part of their daily life. There scientific name is Brassica oleraceae part of Acephala group. In south America collard greens are very popular and then Portuguese adored them and in Kashmiri region of India they are part of their special celebrations. They are very frost resistant and even grown in temperate zones. They can be preserved for their nutritional value. They contains phenolic compounds name phenylthiocarbamide,

Quercetin dihydrate and kaempferol and unique Sulphur containing compounds name glucosinolates. It contains vitamin A, Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, magnesium, Iron, cobalamin including fiber and carbohydrates and phosphorus and vitamin K. Now we are going to write nutritional value and health benefits of it. Some of the health benefits of them are listed below.

  • Fiber present in collard greens are very good to clean colon to get rid of constipation.
  • Collard greens helps to lower blood cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Specific glucosinolates has cancer preventive properties that helps to fight against free radicals.
  • They help to detox and prevent cancer risk by supporting the defense system.
  • Vitamins present in collard greens have anti-inflammatory effect on body.
  • Polyphenols present in collard greens helps to modify enzyme activity to detoxify human body.
  • Vitamin K helps to regulate inflammatory response.
  • Alpha linolenic acid is very healthy for skin rejuvenation and epidermis to clean sebum from the pores.
  • Omega -3 present in collard greens are very good for heart health by reducing bad cholesterol in the body.
  • Isothiocyanate helps to reduce anti-inflammatory activity in blood vascular damage.
  • Collard greens are very good for vitamin B1, vitamin B3 and choline that is very good for muscular body.
  • Vitamin B helps to reduce aches and pains.
  • This cruciferous vegetable called collard greens helps to growth reduce bacterial growth and infection.
  • Cholesterol reducing ability of collard greens reduce when they are boiled and eaten.
  • Folate present in collard greens help to take cholesterol away from arteries.
  • Vitamin E present in collard greens is anti-aging effect on human body.

I think I did enough for today. The only thing left is to write a nice recipe how to make collard greens edible for human consumption. I think the recipe is as follows.

  • 1 cup of washed and cleaned collard greens.
  • Pinch of salt.
  • Little bit of coconut oil.
  • 1cup of water.

Put all the ingredients in water and cook them until they are tender and ready to eat and then add pinch of salt and little bit of coconut oil.  I think it’s ready to eat and then put it into a bowl and eat it. I think you guys will like today’s recipe and you will enjoy it and savor it so you guys will get its health benefits. Follow the recipe and comment how is it today for healthy and organic living. Goodbye for now and we will see you guys later until we figure out what is our next move for our next blog and a nice article on another healthy vegetable.

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