Organic apples

Today is Thursday and as usual I woke up in the morning made my breakfast and tea for me and my hubby with cardamom, fennel and cloves and cinnamon. Then I ate my breakfast and drink a tea  and went outside to save a my kids life and tried my best to be calm and cohesive and try to hold my self before we start our next adventure with love and passion we used to have and we ate little bit of snack and try to be calm as much  so we cannot disturb whoever sleeping in our vicinity. Then we went outside to return some stuff we purchased so it can reach its proper destination. Food donations are ready for our south Windsor neighborhood food pantry. After coming home, we walked in our backyard and check what is going on with our produce and I warm my leftover cup of tea and try to write my blog for today. Weather is changing very fast and fall is upon us. Lots of leaves are falling in our pool and some of the trees changing color and some are still green getting ready for the harsh snowy winter ahead. Animals are going to hide in their hideouts and in shelters for the coming winter month. We still love to be in our tents so we can enjoy our outside changing weather and the climate change we are observing worldwide. We may need some winter clothes for the cold front coming and all our vegetation is going to hibernate in winter month. Soon its going to be frost and for arriving making driving difficult. Maybe we need some new snow tires for our van. Our pool is going to be covered soon and the best time we can spend after school reading comics after doing our school work. In the coming vacations I think we are spending time with my cousins by collecting Indian and British comics. Playing outside until its dark. Sometimes our light goes away and all our neighborhood kids come to play outside in the dark and we make one kid blind and all of us hide in the dark and that kid has to find its friends blind folded that will enhance their abilities to see in the dark and even perform well during winter solicit and full moon because are temple is going to be closed soon and we may scavange during winter months. My recommendation is to hide in warm places to feel warm. Make shore we fluff our pillows and are beds before we are going in hibernation. Make your we have enough food in our food pantries and our houses if anything drastic happened during climate change event horizon. I hope we will bless our fellow citizens in coming months to get plenty of rest and food to make passerby feel comfortable and at home. Make sure if any needy citizen comes make a cup of tea and some snacks to make them feel comfortable. In Himalayas, many curious and ancient civilizations exist that are very important for our survival on planet earth.  I think it’s going to be our cohesive effort to save whatever time we have in this planet to do our best for us and the ecosystem that surrounds us. I think we can find some old caves and make some Igloos because they are very warm and cozy. we think we should take some kind of light source with us and winter clothing including socks and shoes. Make sure we find clean water source nearby to make sure in case something happened we can be rescued on time. Sometimes avalanches happened including land sliding, Mud sliding and severe flooding. So, we should tell our rescue teams to be alert before time. We do not want to make mistakes that we make sometimes by not paying attention to our loved ones and fellow citizens.

I think now I am going to write about history of organic apples and their origin worldwide and what kind of climate they can survived. DNA analysis showed that Apples are originated in Kazakistan and spreads worldwide and one of the most loved and eaten worldwide for its incredible taste and flavor. Almost every country on planet earth you can grow them, and we have some hard winter species that can be eaten and used in Apple pies and jams and can even eaten raw. I think we can even find its scientific name and compounds present in it. Scientific name of apples are Malus domestic and belongs to family Rosaceae. It is a Perennial tree. Apples are full of phenolic compounds and antioxidants contains flavanols, quercetins vitamins like Vitamin A, C, Folic acid and and a volatile compound name ethylene, Epicatechin, malic acid, Organophosphates and glucose and fructose, Thiamine, Lignin, Riboflavin and water. Now I will write some of the health benefits of apples in daily life.

  • Pectin and fiber present in apples are very important to boost metabolism.
  • Fiber present in apples is very good in digestion and clear constipation.
  • Vitamin E and C present in apples very helpful to clear skin and blemishes.
  • Vitamin C present in apples is very useful to immune system.
  • Vitamin K present in apples helps to heel blood clots.
  • Soluble fiber present in apples lowers cholesterol and helps in weight loose.
  • Polyphenols present in apples helps to ward of diseases by fighting against free radicals that are harmful for human body.
  • Polyphenols present in apples helps to reduce diabetes by preventing damage of beta cells produced by pancreas. Beta cells are produced insulin that prevents damage in diabetic people.
  • Pectin present in apples contains probiotics that are very helpful in digestive system.
  • Antioxidants present in apple help to heal inflammation and have anti-cancer properties.
  • Eating apples helps to reduce asthma risk.
  • Apples helps to heal bones by improving bone density.
  • Apple juice helps to improve mental ability by improving neurotransmitter that can decline due to aging.

I think I wrote a very nice blog and article on health benefits of apple and how good they are for calming your mind and body by effecting brain cell activity. Now I am going to write a fruit salad recipe with squirt of lemon and pinch of salt with chopped mint leaves.

  • 1 cup of cubed apples.
  • Chopped mint leaves.
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • Pinch of salt.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then eat it. Its very healthy and nutritious and well balanced. I hope you will enjoy my article and todays recipe. We will see you guys tomorrow until I will write another blog.

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