Organic Cranberries

Today is Monday  and as usual I woke up in the morning and I took  bath and did my yoga meditation and came in the kitchen and made myself breakfast and cup of tea and after working on my blog I went in my backyard and sipping rest of the tea and enjoying beautiful weather and beautiful trees we planted and the cool nice breeze was blowing in a nice warm sunshine and everything seems better. I think I am going to work and finish writing my blog today so I can post it on time and share the advantages of crane berries.

Crane berries are group of ever green dwarf shrubs grows in Wetlands. They belong to kingdom Plantae and family Ericaceae. Crane berries are found colder regions. Native Americans are first to cultivate crane berries. Crane berries are harvested even in some of the Canadian regions in Wisconsin, Massachusetts and New Jersey and pacific North West and used in variety of dishes and later as they researched, they found many health benefits and medicinal uses. Wisconsin Is the leading producer of crane berries.  Crane berries are full of antioxidants and minerals and high in vital nutrients. Some Of the benefits of crane berries are listed as.

  • Proanthocyanin effective in in crane berries are effective in preventing urinary tract infections. By preventing the bacteria.
  • Oxidative damage occurs when due to presence of free radicals that are cancer causing and age-related diseases. Antioxidants present in crane berry juice is helpful to prevent oxidative damage in the body.
  • Crane berry juice has phytonutrients that helps to prevent Plaque buildup in blood vessels and arteries.
  • Crane berry juice helps to prevent growth of bacteria that cause stomach problems. Crane berry juice has anti- inflammatory properties to prevents colon cancer.
  • Crane berry juice is very helpful in preventing gum diseases.
  • Vitamin C present in crane berry juice helps to heal wounds and very good for skin health.
  • Vitamin E present in it helpful in absorption of certain minerals and vitamins to maintain healthy hairs and skin.
  • Crane berry juice is helpful in reduction of cholesterol in the body and prevent heart disease.
  • Crane berry juice is effective against colds and flues and norovirus that prevents food poisoning.
  • Crane berry juice is filled with calcium, vitamin C, vitamin K and other essential nutrients that are healthy.
  • Crane berries improve immune function that helps to fight against certain bacterial infections.
  • Fiber content in crane berries are good for relieving constipation symptoms.
  • Manganese present in crane berry juice is very essential for growth.

I think I wrote a good blog on crane berries and their great benefits for good health and healthy living. I think before I go, I am going to write a very delicious crane berry cocktail drink recipe that is very nutritious and healthy for clean living. Following are the ingredients written as

  • 2 cups of crane berry juice.
  • Few sprigs of mint leaves.
  • Little bit of black pepper corns.

Put all the ingredients in the jug including mint and peppercorns and put some Ice in it and cover the jug and put it in refrigerator for overnight and in the morning time  mix it well and put it in cocktail glass and decorate it with sprig of mint and drink it as cocktail. I think I did enough for today and I will work on my next blog tomorrow.

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