Organic scallions

Today is Friday. I think after waking up and taking my bath I did my meditation and came down in the kitchen to make organic breakfast with a cup of tea containing some valuable herbs like organic fennel seeds and cardamom. Then I went out to see my beautiful pool and sit and enjoyed my tea cup and reading the articles to pass my time effectively and gaining knowledge about organic foods and there values for human civilization and benefits on their immune system and genetic variations of different varieties of food and how we can help humans  to live healthy  by increasing disease resistance against harmful bacteria and viruses to improve our health and environment for holistic reasons. Foods rich in Omega3 that are organic and produced healthy way helps to reduce LDL in the body and helps in weight reduction. I think weather is changing and its more cooler and stress free. Fall is coming and weather is changing for good. Hopefully

Its colder and better. Soon the color of the leaves will change and look very beautiful and then all the leaves are going to change their color and fall. Days are going to become shorter and nights are going to become longer. That means we can sleep for more hours and rest our brains and body. Sometimes sleep helps to restore and new cell regeneration biologically. For example, when we sprout a seed and it grows and turn in to healthy plant because of proper food and nutrition without toxins and additives. That plant is going to be way more valuable and healthier to give healthy produce. I think I am going to write another article scallion and their health benefits.

Scallions are native to Asia and flourishes in warm climates. Whole plant is believed to have medicinal properties. Scallions belongs to family Liliaceae and belongs to genus Allium. They are cultivated for around 2000 years in Asia. I am going to write healthy benefits of onions.

  • Onions contain phytochemicals, flavonoids and anthocyanin and quercetin, that will help to boost immune system. And help to reduce free radicals that are harmful for immune system.
  • Scallions contain compound called allicine which relieves stiffness of blood vessels.
  • Scallions has antiviral and anti- bacterial properties that will kill bad bacteria.
  • Scallions are very good for loosing weight because of low calories.
  • Sulphur present in scallions are helping in healing injuries.
  • Vitamin K helps to reduce blood clotting and very healthy for heart health.
  • Vitamin C present in onions helps to heal skin and absorption of calcium in body.
  • Scallions are very important part in macrobiotic diet.
  • Fiber in scallions helps to relieve constipation.
  • Folate present in onions helps for healthy cell growth to reduce birth defects.
  • I think I wrote enough for today and now I am going to write scallion recipe with little bit of coconut oil and a pinch of salt and pepper and baby tomatoes. Make shore everything is organic and healthy.
  • 1cup of scallions.
  • 1 cup of baby tomatoes.
  • Pinch of salt and pepper.

Saute them in the pan for 5 minutes and put little bit of salt and pepper and then eat it. Its healthy and nutritious. Scallions are very versatile and can be used different ways in dishes for healthy eating. I think I am going to write my next blog next time may be tomorrow.

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