Bay leaf

Today is Tuesday. I woke up early in the morning then took my bath and did my meditation and come in the kitchen to make healthy organic breakfast and cup of tea with cardamom and organic fennel. Then I went outside to drink a cup of tea I made and then I sipped my tea slowly and appreciate the nature and my dog my looking at me as usual sitting near the pool. Then I checked todays news at Facebook and watched what was happening around the world. Then I came inside after a while and I remembered that I have to make juice out my organic grapes from my grape vines. I put the grape juice in the freezer and then went to my kitchen to make black grams curry Indian way. I cooked it and eat it. It was delicious and nutritious. Then I decided to write my blog on another spice that has great medicinal value and great flavor. I picked Bay leaves for todays spice.

Bay leaves are widely used in Mediterranean and in European cuisines. It is also used in ayurvedic system of medicine to cure certain ailments. It is cultivated around the world. During middle ages Bay leaves are used in medicines to cure certain diseases. Its scientific name is Laurus nobilis and is aromatic evergreen tree. It belongs to family Lauraceae.  Main chemical constituents of Bay leaf are 1,8-cineole and its essential oil contain eucalyptol and other terpenes and linalool, geraniol and phellandrene etc. It also contains lauric acid. Now we are going to discuss its medicinal value.  Some of its benefits for humans are listed

  • Bay leaf extract is used as Astringent to heal wounds.

  • Even Romans are using bay leaves is various treatments to treat ailments like headaches, bruises, ear infections etc.

  • It is used to treat paralysis in mixture with herbal supplements.

  • Bay leaf oil contains Polyphenols that helps to manage blood sugar levels.

  • When used as a medicine bay leaf powder helps to improve cardiovascular health.

  • It has antioxidants in it that helps to fight against diseases.

  • Bay leaf extract helps to reduce inflammation and help to reduce swelling on the wounds when applied on them as ointment.

  • Bay leaf extract help to cure gastric disorders.

  • It is helpful to reduce urease an enzyme that cause various kidney ailments.

  • Bay leaf extract has unique chemical compounds that helps to reduce seizers.
  • Bay leaf is extremely healthy for skin when used in cooking.

  • Bay leaf extract is helpful in hair growth when mixed with other organic oils.

  • Drinking a bay leaf tea helps in stress relief and healing.

  • Drinking bay leaf tea helps to reduce weight.

  • Bay leaf powder can be used as face mask when mixed with honey.

  • Now I am going to share a bay leaf tea recipe that has healing effect on mind and body when drink every day before meals.

  • 4 bay leaves.

  • 3 cups of water.

  • 2 spoons of honey.

Take a pot. Put few bay leaves in it and boil the water on stove for10 minutes then off the stove. Cover it for 10 more minutes to seep the flavor in the water then pour it into a cup and add a spoonful of honey and drink it every day to get its full benefits. Make sure everything is organic as possible.  It will help in various illnesses. I think I am done for today and I am going to write about another good spice that is healthy and delicious and very nutritious and has great benefits. See you guys next time.


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