Ginger – a miracle rhizome

Today is Tuesday and hello to all of you. Nice to connect with you all. Sun is shining full today. It is afternoon and temperature is73 degree. It is hot outside, beautiful afternoon for writing. I planted some vegetables in my veggie patch area, and they look beautiful. Our pool looks beautiful today. Sun is shining through crystal clear water. So, I am writing about our first spice of the day I used in my cooking. And it is ginger. 

GINGER: From ancient times Indians and Chinese used ginger as a medicinal spice in their daily life to treat many ailments that most of the people go through. It is valued for its medicinal properties. It belongs to family Zingiberoside. Its scientific name is Zingiber officials. It is a rhizome. It contains phenolic compounds. It contains gingerol and shogaol. It has medicinal properties. Its history takes it back to 2000 years in Southeast Asia. You can find fresh ginger, dry ginger powder and even the candied ginger in food stories. Some of the benefits of this incredible rhizome are listed below.

  • Ginger helps to treat indigestion.

  • Ginger helps treating stomach ailments like vomiting and morning sickness.

  • Daily use of Ginger helps lower cholesterol levels in body. Regular intake of ginger reduces fat in blood and can play key role in preventing heart disease.

  • Dry ginger powder improve metabolism and burning of excess fat to help you reduce excess body fat. It helps in weight loss.
  • For seasonal coughs and colds, it is an excellent remedy. Mix 1/4 of a teaspoon of organic ginger powder in a tablespoon of honey every day and eat it. It will help to boost the immune system to fight against colds and seasonal allergies.
  • It gives relief to inflammation in your stomach lining.
  • You can use it to spice your curries, stews, tea, soups, vegetables and lentils. It enhances the flavor and aroma of food and prevent gastrointestinal problems like excess gas in stomach. 
  • By taking ginger regularly in your diet prevent colon cancer by calming down the stomach lining.
  • Taking half a tablespoon of ginger everyday prevents pain and stiffness of joints especially with the people dealing with osteoarthritis because of presence of gingerol that is an ant inflammatory compound.
  • Taking a half teaspoon of ginger powder during menstrual cycle can reduce pain, bloating and discomfort.
  • Many medical studies suggest that consuming ginger regularly prevent cancer. The chemical compound gingerol has cancer fighting properties. After chemotherapy, a one fourth of a teaspoon in warm water every day reduces inflammation.
  • Ginger contains an inflammatory properties and antioxidant that help to improve cognitive function of brain and studies showed that regularly consuming ginger improves the reaction time and boost memory function.
  • Ginger help to prevent bacterial infections in digestive tract and respiratory tract by limiting the growth of bacteria because of a bio active compound gingerol in it.
  • During pregnancy with symptoms of nausea and vomiting eat four or five pieces of candied ginger in the morning. I will help to ease the nauseated feeling.
  • Taking ginger regularly help the people that have diabetes.

So many scientific studies show ginger has tremendous medicinal properties because of anti-bacterioplankton inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It stimulates and rejuvenate the whole body and help to prevent many these are some of the benefits of ginger that ancients are using to cure tremendous ailments and we can all benefits from it buy using it in our daily see you guys on my next post. Bye for now.

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