My Himalayan memories

Saturday December 26, 2020

Its morning time and its cold and winter. Some of the snow melted. we can see beautiful, serene nature and beauty of our Himalayan mountains. Beautiful waterfalls and spruce trees with nice clean air. Flowing water rivers in Himalayan region. We are drinking Kahwa and enjoying cold Mountain super clean environment with beauty of nature Indigenous native people seems very nice and cooperative. Even on the way with are Dad and Mom motorcycle ride was awesome through twisty roads. one side beautiful mountains and other side deep valleys with beautiful trees , herbs. On the way we stopped ate paratha shack eating yummy Indian food with a cup of Indian Herbal tea and some stretching and yoga on the mountain breathing clean air and walking down to the streams and sitting on a stone dipping our feet in clean water. Then going through walking trails and listening to the sweet Music and taking pictures with science class and watching native girls carrying Grass and probably some food for their families and far away in the mountains we see fog and steam coming out of Chimney. On the Way watching native flora and fauna. Once we have experienced bus ride . It was awesome and going through squiggly roads and watching buffaloes eating Grass and Monkeys playing on the Way jumping on the mountains and climbing on the trees seems awesome. Reaching oud Bapujis home hugging and going out with my cousin watching native city streets and eating Candies and walking back home playing and watching my parents talking to our elderly uncle. Playing in their backyard and watching almond and orange trees and a native apple tree, After spending few days walking to my another cousin sisters home meeting my cousin brother and my cousin sisters talking and playing and after some days of excellent vacation we went back home. We just see two birdies playing outside on the grass and looking good and weather is turning good and we see sunshine and a neighbor jogging on the street. A car passed on the outside street. Its almost afternoon and going through the memory lane of my childhood memories with my parents in India from Punjab to Himalayan region was awesome. Watching plain streets and rivers and fields and native village houses to their domestic animals like cows and buffaloes, goats, lambs and sometime playing and petting them was awesome. Sometimes watching herds of domestic animals going across the street crossing them watching native temples and other religious places on the way to our trip to India Punjab. Walking in the streets watching people in the native village attires and watching street vendors and native shops watching people shopping and talking and buying stuff and how human civilization survived and flourish there. We were so happy to see them survive and adapting to the culture and language even after their differences. Surviving together and figuring out to live peacefully as they can talking enjoying native village and city values. Feels good to going through native to villagers through city lanes coming back home to America and writing about it is so  calming and peaceful.              

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