USA storm

Today is Friday month of December 25. First day of our Christmas holidays. We got up in the morning in our pajamas and open our Christmas gifts felt so good with my family and friends. Its almost afternoon and I already has my cup of tea with peanut butter cookie. Weather is getting windy and very rainy and cloudy. All the snow is almost gone, we have to wait for another snowstorm, so the weather becomes colder and windier. Big brown barren trees are dancing in windy and rainy weather. Our backyard fencing got weathered look because its old but still intact. We can still see falling brown leaves from fall season wet because of rainy weather. I hope we will able to take our dog to backyard. we can still see few patches of snow in our neighbors yard. Because of winter our vegetable patches are all dry outside. Shape of all the leaves are different even the color because the rate of their falling with leaves and wind and climate may be different. I think like human in the botany every single leaf must have unique color texture and DNA prints. Its almost evening time. We just watched storm outside and a beautiful sun set and strong winds. If we observe, we see clouds going in unique direction with color changing more brighter with grey clouds in between and even hear unique sound of wind outside. Seems like storm passed by and wind receding. Sky outside went way darker because of night fall. I think todays blog is good and hopefully we have nice picture of storm outside.       

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