Benefits of herbal tea

Today is Tuesday and its afternoon. I ate my vegetarian breakfast and cup of tea and now I am trying to write about something like who’s the weather outside. Weather seems fine today and its sunny outside. Grass looks ok. Our deck seems fine. Weather is turning breezy. Wooden fence in our backyard looks fine. Tree branches are waving outside. There is forest area near us. we went for walk last week and there were falling branches, falling leaves  and on the way to  the road they saw houses on both side of the road then a park with benches and a pond, a flock of geeses , looks like family of ducks crossing the road and we stopped and waiting for Geeses to cross the road . Last year we went on the Frasier fur road and walking was good. Walking and taking pictures of grass , trees and even geese.

  • We learnt about gardenia flower tea. Gardenia flower tea is made of gardenia flowers and fruits and used in herbal medicines for sleeping, curing headaches and other problems, for good digestion and detoxifying the liver.
  • Another article we read today is about benefits of pine leaves because of presence of terpenes, Vitamin C and antioxidants, vitamin A and phenolic compounds and flavonoids, limonene, pinene. Its aromatic and have health benefits like curing diseases like headaches, antiviral, cures cold and flues and good for liver and digestion and other health benefits.
  • Lemon peel tea is another kind of herbal tea that is beneficial. Vitamin C, anti oxidant that is good for fighting cancer, skin issues for clearing scars and blemishes, digestive health, cleaning liver and detoxifying stomach and whole system and has aromatic  smell that cures flues and viruses  even cold and overall good for health.
  • Juniper tea is herbal and used for its health benefits. Its diuretic reduces sugar level, get rid of acidity and also used as anti viral and also juniper trees berries are used in making herbal tea.
  • Maple leaf tea has many health benefits. Maple leaves has antioxidants, potassium and Zn and very low in calories and good for digestion, fight inflammation, full of electrolytes, poly phenols has cancer fighting effects, helps to cure arthritis, heat disease and may cure digestive disorders.
  • Black tea is made of bush called camellia sinensis and caffeine in it. Its good for cancer prevention because of presence of antioxidants, may lower diabetes, reduces stress and headaches, improves weight loss and decrease cholesterol, prevents gum disease and cavities and kills bad breath and plaque and bacteria and lowers the heart disease and infection. Black tea improves overall health.

I think todays blog article has enough information about benefits of tea and its good for health.


Its Wednesday  and month of December and its almost afternoon. weather is cloudy and grey . I think its going to be snow tomorrow and no one around our neighborhood. same old backyard with dry fall leaves with some trees and because of winter coming some trees fall sleep, some are still green and some branches fell because of changing weather. wooden fencing in our backyard close to trees and fallen dry leaves are indication of changing climate and weather pattern. sky out side has two colors . we did not see any birds today probably they were hiding outside.

I am going to write about benefits of ginger tea. I think ginger tea is beneficial. ginger is native to Asian countries and is root vegetable , used as herb and spice to flavor food. ginger has gingerol in it. ginger has vitamin C, Iron, Mg, potassium, Zn, Vitamin B3 and B6. Ginger is used as home remedies

Antioxidants present in ginger has anti cancer properties helps to prevent certain diseases like nausea, inflammation , swelling , helps to support immune system, helps in muscle pain, helps to balance blood glucose level , reduces cancer , honey and ginger tea is helpful in sore throat, cough , colds, flu and even help in cognitive function , helping to decrease stress level .

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