Todays thought

Today is Saturday and month of December and its almost afternoon and its very interesting to watch some cooking videos in old Pakistan  and saw Himalayas, Karakorum and Hindukush mountains and in their feet are valleys where three rivers met and looks very beautiful and made by natural process, trees looked very unique and their food  of the people I notice was meat where a Chinese person with its friends went to experience their way of life and then they went to another place in the mountains where they were greeted by  aroma of unique fragrance and and food and glass of fresh juice. On the way they stopped at waterfall and drank fresh water then they restarted their journey towards their destination. I hope they feel good their and enjoy their visit in old Pakistani region. After that I decided to make mandarin orange tea and with walnut cookie and try to see where can we go to visit in CT. mainly I saw national parks with waterfalls and wooded area with native trees surviving through winter and probably walking trails and CT river filled with fresh clean water and some natural river stones and grass in forest areas. I think I am going to check another visiting place in different areas outside for travelling and get away. It’s almost afternoon and I am looking outside my window and our Chinese neighbors’ trees have no leaves left on them. His trees shed leaves in winter and sleeps during winter and I see lots of brown fall leaves near back wall, our shed seems ok and snow almost melted a weather seems rainy with sky full of grey clouds. I noticed that pine trees remain green during winter. Pinecones are brown. We saw some pictures of Atlantic Ocean and, water seems so clean and even a picture of boat in the sea.  I think I will write something later. I feel tired and I need rest.

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