Organic tomatoes

Today is Thursday and outside weather is very good and a touch of cold is coming considering fall season is near and leaves of the trees will soon change its color to beautiful shades and I am going to take few pictures tomorrow  and meanwhile I am going to work on todays blog on organic tomatoes and their value and health benefits.

Tomatoes history dates to early Aztecs around 700 AD. tomatoes are native to America. In the 16 century early Europeans are introduced to Tomatoes and it spreads worldwide. It belongs to deadly nightshade family and the tomato plant is considered very poisonous by early Europeans. Aztecs found its potential and introduced as a medicinal fruit of tomato plant and they used it in everyday life. It belongs to family Solanaceae and kingdom plantae. Then later it is introduced to Mediterranean and Italy and considered valuable because of its taste and flavor and the contents of vitamins and minerals that are very helpful for human health. Tomato plant contains Vitamin C, lutein, quercetin, beta-carotene, flavanones, amino acids and potassium and little sugar in it. Now a days we have lots of varieties of tomatoes all across the world. It has considerable amounts of lycopene, vitamin B6, and phenolic compounds.  Now I am going to write about healthy benefits of tomato fruit.

  • Lycopene present in tomato fruit is very heart healthy.
  • Fiber in tomatoes is very helpful in digestive health.
  • Tomatoes contain Vitamin C that is very good for clearing skin and helps to heal the wounds.
  • Potassium present in very good for heart and helps to control hypertension.
  • Vitamin K is important for bone health.
  • Folate one of the B vitamins helps in healing damaged tissue cells.
  • Beta carotene present in tomatoes are very good for eye health.
  • Chlorogenic acid present in its compounds is an antioxidant that is good for immune system to fight against various diseases.
  • Tomatoes can be found in different shapes and sizes and colors and have considerable amount of health benefits.
  • Vitamins present in tomato fruit boosts the immunity level in the system and very healthy.
  • Tomato is considered as anti-cancer because it reduces the overgrowth of tissue cells.
  • Eating tomatoes help you to get considerable amount of nutrients and very healthy when eaten every day.
  • Tomatoes have low glycemic content and very low in carbs so very helpful in weight loss diets.

I think that is enough work for today and I think I am going to write about a excellent tomato recipe considering its health benefits. I think I am done for today and I will write tomorrow about another beneficial produce we can use in our everyday life to become healthy. Today’s recipe is

  • 1 pound of small Italian cherry tomatoes.
  • Lettuce from our garden.
  • Cucumber.
  • Green scallions
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • A pinch of any healthy salt.

Take a bowl and cut all the salad ingredients that are mentioned above and mix them together and add lemon juice and a pinch of salt on it. Mix it and its ready to eat in lunch or any time. You will feel healthy and light and loose weight and get your healthy organic veggie benefits.

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