Seasame seeds

Today is Saturday. As usual I woke up in the morning and then I took my bath and I eat my organic breakfast and made cup of tea with ajwain in it with fennel and organic honey in it. I drink It and it was very good and helps to ease stomach bloating. Weather is very gloomy today. It very wet and rainy. I hope my organic vegetables will get enough water so they can give some organic produce we need to survive winter if we get winter storms. So, we can save some organic produce by freezing it in the winter.  So, I think now I am going to write about another good organic seeds that are very heathy and help to cure many ailments. Sesame seeds are one of the oldest grown crops even around 3000 BC. IT is originated in India and some in Africa. IT can even grow in the areas with drought like conditions. Sesame seeds are even used by Egyptions and Chinese civilizations around 5000 years ago. Its scientific name is sesame Indicum  belongs to family Pedaliaceae. It is, plant used for its seeds and oil. Sesame seed oil has high source of protein, linoleic acid, palmitic and stearic acid . it also contains lignans, sesamolin, pinoresinol etc. these are very important compounds found in seasame oil. In Asian cooking it is used as a flavourful ingredient. Now I am going to write about medicinal value and healthy benefits.

  • It is good source of fiber. It helps to reduce constipation.
  • It supports healthy bones because of calcium in it. It is good source of calcium.
  • Sesame oil helps to reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • Sesame seeds are good source of B vitamins.
  • Sesame seeds helps to reduce triglyceride in the blood that helps to reduce heart disease.
  • It helps to reduce cholesterol level in the body.
  • It has nutritious protein that has important amino acid lysine that is important part of vegan diets.
  • Sesame seed oil is very high in methionine and cysteine two very important. acids that are very healthy in for human body.
  • Sesame seeds are good source of iron, copper and and vitamin B6.that are very good for production of red blood cells in the body and give good nutrition for healthy bone.
  • Sesame seeds are low in carbs a compound name pinoresinol inhibit the action of digestive enzyme maltase that helps to reduce blood sugar level in the body for diabatic people that has diabetes.
  • It helps to increase digestion by breaking down starchy foods like breads and pasta.
  • Sesame seeds are full of antioxidants and helps to reduce incoming of pathogens support bone sand diseases by repairing damage cells in the body.
  • Vitamin E present in sesame seeds are healthy to slow aging process by increasing elasticity of the skin.
  • Sesamin present in sesame seeds helps to protect cartilage that is important to support to skeletal system in the body.
  • Sesame seeds are very healthy for thyroid health because of presence of selenium in it.
  • Sesame seeds are extremely helpful in decreasing arthritis pain because of its warm nature.
  • Phytoestrogens present in sesame seeds are very helpful for the woman going through Menopause.

So, these are some of the benefits we found in seasame seeds. Now in a littlie while I am going to write a very healthy recipe that is sweet but nutritious for you. You can sprinkle sesame seeds on soups , salads. Bread and any edible food to make your food nutritious.

  • 1 cup of roasted sesame seeds.
  • One fourth of cup of coconut oil.
  • 1 cup of coconut sugar.
  • 1 cup of coconut.
  • Take a bowl and put all the ingredients after roasting them little bit to enhance the aroma  and flavor then add rest of the ingredients then make small size ladoos of it and take it everyday in the evening time once a day with nice warm cup of milk or tea whatever you preferred at evening time. Take it until you feel better. I think that it for today. See you guys next time in my next blog until I figure out what healthy ingredient I am going to work tomorrow.

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