HOli memory

Sunday , December 27, 2020.

Its almost afternoon, hear a dog barking seems like a very small dog. After drinking our herbal tea we felt awesome and at least our dog is good today and our trees out side are ok. Some are small and some are ok height. Sitting alone in the afternoon thinking about writing and thinking about another adventure finding backyard herbal medicinal plants making awesome  herbal teas and watching and reading awesome travelling blogs trying to comment and try to remember vacation with my cousin , a city girl in a small village  house and going to our rich neighbor learning to do prank calls and playing in their garden , taking awesome picture, going upstairs playing festival of colors  with our limited friends , getting a bucket of clean water put some natural color, fill water balloons with water throwing at each other, playing with water guns , spraying water on neighbor hood kids , playing  and try to keep up with holi spirit, festival of colors  celebrated all across India. We went to the street vendor to by more dry color to play. Even the street vendors sell vegetables in front of houses or you walk across small wooden market to buy and thing necessary to survive even in an event of bad weather by holding on to our black umbrella so we can find shelter from rain storm but after big rain storm , coming out in the street playing in the rain water with my childhood friends are awesome. Walking in water full of streets enjoying natural rain fall even watching and observing storm forming, running clouds with light and dark grey hues. Even watching people buying stuff from street vendors. Appreciating their culture and lifestyle. Even watching Indian cuisine with vibrant colors and combination, different styles suits. Even going to school after holidays. Even sometimes got schoolwork for holidays. Reading books, writing stories, learning how to draw, filling left over colors, trying to revive our art skills by painting, drinking lemonade, travelling in local buses even in Rikshaw and auto rikshaws, enjoying every bit of what India has to offer.  

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